Humber Galleries provides spaces where contemporary art and polytechnic learning come together and influence one another. We aim to emphasize Humber College’s strategic pillars by making the gallery more accessible, innovative, and inclusive. Through increased student involvement in programming and exhibition content, we aim to create career-ready citizens.  

Prior to the campus closure in March, our main display space, L Space Gallery, along with Student pop-up locations throughout both campuses, provided accessible sites of social, political, educational and philosophical inquiry. With the campus closures, we have shifted to providing thought-provoking, relevant, and accessible programming and exhibitions through our digital platforms for the Humber Community and beyond. 

We act as an active collaborator in the social and educational fabric of Humber College, its surrounding communities, and the contemporary art discipline. Art, whether in physical or digital forms, provides a starting point for complex and difficult discussions, and brings multiple perspectives to the table. We welcome opportunities to codesign responsive class visits and curriculum overlaps in relation to its exhibitions from each of Humber’s six faculties. Set up a meeting with Humber Galleries’ Project Manager to share your teaching plans and discuss possibilities. 


L Space Gallery