Guillaume LaChapelle, Awaiting Knowledge, 2013

Guillaume LaChapelle

born 1974. Lives and works in Montreal, QC.
Artist RegionQuebec
Guillaume Lachapelle’s practice consists predominantly of finely detailed miniature sculptural models that depict transitory, surreal or haunting portals and architectural spaces. Born in 1974 in Stoke, Quebec, the artist constructs complex spatial relationships to make unfamiliar or uncanny the architecture of the everyday. Through the architecture of his models – which Lachapelle has recently begun to make with the help of the latest 3-D printing technology – the artist provokes viewers to consider what might be concealed below the surfaces of outward appearance. Lachapelle has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. He is represented by the Art Mur gallery in Montreal.

(Updated: May 2016)
Guillaume LaChapelle, Awaiting Knowledge, 2013