**Due to the cancellation of all on-campus events at Humber the L Space Gallery and #ExperienceFMCA will be closed until further notice starting Monday, March 16th.**


#ExperienceFMCA is an exhibit featuring a compilation of student work from a variety of programs in the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts (FMCA), and represents the diversity of creative disciplines taught at Humber and how they often intersect. There are 48 programs in FMCA which have been organized into five categories:

  • Music and Fine Arts
  • Film, Acting and Media Production
  • Journalists and Writers
  • Social and Media Communications
  • Interaction Design

This exhibition is intended to be interactive in several ways: spend some time in the reading nook appreciating literature written by Humber students and alumni, sit and admire visual art while listening to music produced and recorded by Humber students in the state of the art recording studio, and interact with a student-designed and programmed Holograph projector. As you exit the show, make sure to contribute your feedback by engaging with the user experience activity.

Humber Galleries would like to thank the many FMCA program co-ordinators and technical staff who have supported this exhibit by providing student materials and in many cases the creation of original content for this show.

“Our students are enthusiastic not only to learn, grow, achieve and work hard throughout their educational journey; they are also brave and passionate about the contribution they will make to society through their skills, knowledge and abilities. The Faculty of Media & Creative Arts operates as a diverse and interconnected web of talent and expertise to support student success. It is truly inspiring to observe.”

Guillermo Acosta
Senior Dean
Faculty of Media and Creative Arts