This exhibition brings together notable works from Humber Galleries and Collection in dialogue with the various faculties, pedagogies and research areas represented by the college.

Seven instructors, from various academic disciplines, were approached to collaborate on this unique initiative and to lend their expertise and knowledge to interpret, question and evaluate the selected artworks. In all, works by eleven artists from the permanent collection were chosen for response, with each faculty member or team writing on three works. The exhibition, in turn, provides viewers with multiple lenses through which they might begin to consider the works anew.

The resulting texts ask us to consider how our views and understandings are shaped both through disciplinary learning and personal experience. The works and respondents were selected to speak to the evolving nature of our relationships to objects, as both a catalyst for collective and individual memory as well as a research site. By presenting each piece with multiple interpretations, this exhibition seeks to demonstrate the processes of collaborative meaning-making that results from an encounter between an artwork, a text and a viewer.

For the duration of the exhibition descriptions from viewers as to their own interpretation on the artworks will be solicited. These descriptions may include personal, professional or other responses, illustrating the many ways that art can be accessed and interpreted.

Featuring works from:

Melanie Authier
Annie Baillargeon
Andrew Dexel
Nicholas Galanin
Guillaume LaChapelle
Ed Spence
Jutai Toonoo
Harley Valentine
Dean West
Anna Williams