We love getting to see works from creators of all ages everyday and now we want to see artwork from a super special group of creators: kids!


Each Monday we'll be posting a special weekly theme on our social media channels that we want to see all sorts of artwork about. We're going to be posting all sorts of things from Outer Space to Pets to Flowers so we want to see some wild creativity in these! Every Friday we'll be posting some of our favourites from the week on our social media and we'll be creating a special online gallery for each theme for everyone to see the artworks that come in.

These artworks won’t just be online though! We want to bring some colour and positivity to the residents and front-line workers at Long-Term Care Homes. We’ve partnered with a few Long-Term Care homes around Toronto that are beyond excited to receive some Kids’ Art that they can display. The Quarantots submission form below now has a question asking if you’d like to send your artwork to one of these homes. Simply click “yes”, submit your form, we’ll conact you with an address to one of the homes in the city, and you can mail your artwork. Let’s help bring more creativity and positivity and show them we are thinking of them!

Any type of artwork or medium is accepted and all themes will be open for submissions throughout the Summer as we know creativity can spark at any time. Check out all the themes and past galleries below!




How to get involved:

  • Share a photo of the work on Facebook or Twitter and tag @HumberGalleries or use the hashtag #Quarantots
    • Note: we are only able to see and share posts from public profiles
  • Send us a direct message on Instagram with a photo of the work
    • Feel free to post the work on your own profile and tag @humbergalleries or use the hashtag #Quarantots
  • Fill in the online submissions form HERE

What to include in your submission:

  • A photo of the artwork itself
    • For privacy reasons please do not include any photos that could be used to identify any individuals
  • The first name of the artist
  • The age of the artist



Disclaimer: These works will be shared online (and on social media if the submitter gives us permission) on this website which is public and available for anyone to view. Please do not include any photos, text, or names that may identify an individual involved or that you are not comfortable with being shared publicly. Please let us know if you would like anything omitted from your submission (name, age, cropping of photo) before it is posted and shared online.