The Humber Galleries Art Collection complements the activities of our galleries by offering students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to encounter art around the campuses, making it part of the day-to-day culture of the college, but also providing access to integrated curriculum planning, student research and skills development.
The Humber Galleries Art Collection is comprised of three distinct streams: The Permanent Collection, The Faculty Collection and the Student Collection. The Humber Galleries Art Collection was established to provide new and provocative opportunities for students, staff and the community to learn and grow through interaction with the collection and its artists.
The Permanent Collection is focused on emerging and mid-career contemporary Canadian artists. It includes Melanie Authier, Nicholas Galanin and Nicholas Sassoon as well as celebrated figures Wanda Koop, Abbas Akhavan and Jutai Toonoo. The collection was officially established in 2012 with an acquisition of three major works included in the “60 Painters” exhibition hosted at the Humber Arts and Media Studio and curated by Scott Sawtell. These foundational works were subsequently joined by prints and original works from a small collection housed at Humber Libraries including Norval Morrisseau, Jean-Paul Riopelle and Louis de Niverville.
The Faculty and Student Collections provide an opportunity for the gallery to both document and celebrate the exceptional work produced at the college. By collecting widely across various Humber programs including Creative Photography, Visual and Digital Arts and Graphic Design among others, the gallery maintains a commitment to interdisciplinary and collaborative programming. This primary focus allows the gallery to form relationships with numerous disciplines not generally represented in gallery spaces.
Collection Purpose:
To provide opportunities for students, staff and the community to learn and grow through interaction with a diverse collection of contemporary Canadian art and artists.