Joshua Jensen-Nagel, Feeling More Everyday, 2007

Joshua Jensen-Nagle

born 1981. Lives and works in Toronto, ON.
Artist RegionOntario
US-born, Toronto-based artist Joshua Jensen-Nagle explores the use of photography as a medium to create, rather than to represent and document reality. His work incorporates multilayered compositions, overpainting, and digital editing, as well as techniques such as pinhole photography and the use of vintage film to create dreamlike, nostalgic scenes that blur the boundaries between photography and traditional art. A graduate of Ryerson University, his work has been exhibited around the world at institutions and festivals including Art Basel Miami, the Galerie de Medicis in Paris, and the Toronto International Art Fair.
Joshua Jensen-Nagel, Feeling More Everyday, 2007
Joshua Jensen-Nagel, The Echoes of Silence Filling the Air, 2008
Joshua Jensen-Nagel, A Loneliness That No One Should Know, 2008