Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue installing 'Menstrual Hut Cinema' as part of Into You: Fall in Deep at North Space, 2017


Send us your ideas for collaborative exhibitions and public workshops! Humber Galleries invites proposals from collaborators like you for programming in 2018/2019 at both our galleries: North Space and L Space (see space profiles below). We are interested in proposals from artists, collectives, curators, educators, neighbours, student groups, and cultural organizations. We particularly encourage proposals from people who are affiliated with Humber College, based in Etobicoke, and/or identify as emerging artists.

Applications will be reviewed by Humber Galleries staff. There is no fee for application. We offer standard CARFAC-RAAV fees (calculator available here).

We strongly encourage applicants to read our mandate; consider the unique geographic, community, and physical profile of each gallery; and research the territory we are located on. Successful proposals will be grounded and generative.


Application Requirements:

In order to be considered, applicants will provide the items below in a single PDF by the deadline: July 5th, 2018, 4 PM

1. Bio/Statement (250 - 500 words): an introductory statement which gives us a clear understanding of your practice, experience, and accomplishments.

2. Project Description (250 - 500 words): a clear proposal of what you intend to produce with Humber Galleries. Please be sure to indicate which space you are interested in working with, any technical/AV requirements you wish to access, and foreseeable budget needs. If you are proposing a curatorial project, please include a list of artists you hope to work with. If you are proposing a workshop or symposium, please give as much detail as to what material needs you would require, who would be involved, and who your intended audience may be. We thoroughly encourage projects which engage with the Humber and Etobicoke community.

3. Curriculum Vitae (1 - 3 pages)

4. Visual Support Material (3 - 5 pieces): images must be in JPG format. You may include links to video and/or audio files (3 minutes total). Please include a media list with details about each work clearly labelled.

All applications must be sent via email to galleries [at] as a single PDF. Successful applicants can expect to hear back within 6 weeks of the application deadline.


L Space Gallery

L Space is a 1420 square foot gallery space located just off the main foyer of the campus’ L Building Commons. This space is approachable, contemplative and intimate: the lower ceiling and carpeted floor make it conducive to gathering and discussion, and a swath of green space just outside offers opportunities for conversation space in spring, summer, and fall. This gallery space has a total wall length of 80’ and height of 8.5’. In contrast to North Space which is open concept architecture, this is a self-contained room with two entrances leading out into the public hallway, a glass wall of windows on the hallway side, and a large 23’ window on the opposite side.

Gallery Floorplan

Humber College, Lakeshore Campus
Lakeshore Commons (L Building), Room L1002
19 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Toronto, ON M8V 4B6
Open weekdays 10 AM - 4 PM

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North Space Gallery

North Space is a 1070 square foot open-concept gallery located within the main atrium of the campus’ LRC. As the gateway to Humber’s main campus, the LRC is a busy site. North Space is wide open and very public, inviting in both curious and idle passers-by from the nearby atrium, coffee shop, and info center. This gallery has a total wall length of 87’ and height of 14’.

Gallery Floorplan

Humber College, North Campus
LRC Atrium
205 Humber College Boulevard
Toronto, ON M9W 5L7
Open weekdays 10 AM - 4 PM

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Our Mandate

Humber Galleries are part of the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Humber’s polytechnic model is the “third way” between the university and the trade college; it blends the creation of new knowledge and the solving of real world problems. Because we are located within a polytechnic environment, Humber Galleries is a space where contemporary art and polytechnic learning come together and influence each other. Humber’s core values of creativity, innovation, problem-solving, adaptability, and collaboration guide our mandate. Our two physical spaces are accessible sites of social, political, educational, philosophical, and quantitative inquiry: North Space (North Campus) and L Space (Lakeshore Campus). We are an active collaborator in the social and educational fabric of Humber College, our neighbourhood, and the contemporary art discipline. Humber Galleries are situated on the traditional territories of the Ojibwe Anishinabe people in Adobigok, meaning “Place of the Alders” in the Ojibwe language. This region encompasses several present day First Nation communities including families from the Otter, Turtle, and Amik (Beaver) clans.