a map for this place: 43º59 n, 79º51 w

@xenaworrierprincess, Sexually Active, digital print on vinyl
Image courtesy of the artist


a map for this place critically approaches educational systems, and what it means to learn and teach in non-institutionalized ways. This spans across topics of mentorship and storytelling, erasure within educational spaces, learning or teaching through embodied practices, and how to unlearn institutionalized educational structures. a map for this place explores these artists’ perspectives and experiences navigating these spaces.

Curated by
Maddie Alexander


a map for this place: 43º59 n, 79º51 w Artist Bios


Amanda Amour-Lynx

Amanda Isadore Apuksikn Amour-Lynx is a Mi’kmaq First Nations interdisciplinary artist, social worker and educator living in Toronto, Ontario, on Dish with One Spoon treaty territory. She was born and grew up in Tiotia:ke (Montreal). She recently completed a BFA at OCAD University studying Drawing and Painting, minoring in Indigenous Visual Culture. Her work combines art and activism, focusing on Indigenous storywork and community-based approaches to explore healing trauma and collective truths. She incorporates spirituality, the occult and mysticism into her personal practice.

Instagram: @amour.lynx
Website: amour-lynx.art


Maddy Court (@xenaworrierprincess)

Maddy Court is a writer and artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. She holds an MA in Women's and Gender Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On Instagram, she makes niche memes as @xenaworrierprincess.



Kiera Boult & Delilah Rosier

Kiera Boult is an interdisciplinary artist and administrator with a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice from OCAD University. Boult’s practices are playfully reliant on camp, comedy, and approachability. By using the trope of the therapy booth, she posits the artist as facilitator; opening conversations surrounding race politics, class, intersectional feminism and relational aesthetics, all the while skeptically addressing issues that surround the role and/or identity of the artist and the institution.

Delilah Rosier is an artist working and living in Tkaronto. Her practice consists of collages, drawings, photo manipulations and generating criticism and theory pertaining to queer theory, race politics and intersectional feminism within the landscape of popular culture. She is a graduate of OCAD U’s criticism and curatorial practice program, is one half of Masking Collective, has been profiled in C Magazine, Formally Known As Magazine and was the 2016 Recipient of the Won Lee Fine Art Award for her written thesis project entitled “Sissy Those Subversions: Disidentifications and Institutionalized Performativity.” She is currently pursuing her MA at York University in theatre and performance studies.



Mz.Icar is racizm, backwards. The ultimate unraveling of an an ism is no small task. Mz.Icar is an anonymous collective of creatives focused on creating progressive empowering work in both street art and traditional craft processes.

Instagram: @mz.icar
Website: www.mzicar.com


a map for this place: 43º59 n, 79º51 w  Curator Bio

Maddie Alexander

Maddie Alexander is a queer, non-binary artist and arts facilitator. They began their education at NSCAD University, and hold a BFA in Photography from OCAD University. They have exhibited locally and internationally, and received the Project 31 Photography Award in 2016. They have participated in multiple residencies, panels, and artist talks- most recently presenting a lecture at the University of Calgary as a part of their Art Now program. Their work interrogates narratives of queer identity in a multidisciplinary practice, which manifests mainly in moving or still image, text, and installation. Their research and production sources imagery from pop culture, pornography, and other forms of mass media to explore representations of queerness. With this approach they aim to dissect the way this imagery shapes and distorts our understanding of queer bodies, identity and sexuality.



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