Shirantha Beddage

Bio: Shirantha is the Head of Theory and Harmony in the Music Department of Humber College at the Lakeshore Campus. He is also an active performer, recording artist, composer and educator outside of Humber.

Abstract: I teach Music Theory, a core course which emphasizes historical and contemporary approaches to composition and improvisation. This course also contains its own "vocabulary" of terms: there are many alphanumeric symbols, shapes, and other systems used for music notation and analysis. I have to help them understand that this terminology will help them to recognize patterns in any piece of music, facilitating their abilities to read, compose, and improvise music. Powerpoint annotation apps such as Doceri (iPad Pro) and overhead cameras like my “piano-cam” allow me to make that case in a more holistic, vivid and collaborative way.

Additional Info: I have to thank Eileen DeCourcy at CTL for pointing me to the Doceri app, and for providing me with my first iPad several years ago!

For other technology inspiration, I often consult resources outside of music, such as the weekly podcasts at This Week in Tech ( Though these podcasts don’t usually deal specifically with education, I’m constantly inspired by their discussions and product reviews. 

To connect with other Ontario college teachers interested in technology, I highly recommend attending the Advancing Learning Conference (

Please check out my website,, for more information. I often post new teaching resources on my website.


Teaching Practice Examples: